Ebay Finds – Rose Gold Makeup Brushes

Hey guys! So today I’m doing a review on these rose gold makeup brushes that I found on Ebay. I’m not about that expensive life so I try to find cheaper things that are still great quality! I’m also obsessed with rose gold at the moment, like everyone else ever to be honest (oh well). This set comes with 12 brushes but can also be picked up in a 4 piece and 7 piece set if you don’t need all of the brushes. They also come in gold and silver!


So first of all, they look AMAZING. Super pretty I love their design and colour! I’ve been using these brushes non-stop since I got them and honestly, they are pretty amazing. The eye brushes are really good and they’re my go-to brushes to use now for my eyeshadow. I don’t use the bigger brushes as much because I’m used to my other sets, but they’re also really good. I’ve used the more dense, flat-headed brush to carve out my contour and then the less dense, also flat-headed brush to blend the contour in. The other bigger brushes are great for highlight and blush also!

These brushes are amazingly soft (I find myself just sitting there and feeling how soft they are a lot) and I’ve experienced no shedding with them so far. Sometimes they do make a sort of clicking noise when you use them because of the plastic but I don’t really mind that.


Overall, these brushes are amazing and, not only would they look good on a dressing table, they are also great quality and I would highly recommend them!

Pick these brushes up here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12pcs-Techniques-Make-up-Brushes-Set-Foundation-Eyebrow-Eyeliner-Cosmetics-Brush-/162231967025?var=&hash=item25c5c75d31:m:m__OojRHV1BWxPxYqbaGH3w



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