Benefit -They’re Real! Big Sexy Lip Kit – Review

Hi guys! So today I will be reviewing Benefit’s Lip Kit Set, which I got as a birthday present! This set has four lip products in, which are combined together as a lipstick and a lip liner. Half of the product is the actual lipstick and the other half is the liner, so this is something that I’ve never seen or tried before. The lipsticks do have a satin finish and I have swatched them below.


Some of the colours do look quite similar on camera, but Lusty Rose is obviously a rosey-pink nude, Pink Thrills is a bolder pink with a darker liner, Revved-Up Red is more of a coral red and Flame Game is an orangey-red. Some of the liners do look a lot darker than the lip shade in the tube but when applying them they do blend together quite well and there isn’t too much of a difference overall. I do quite like the concept of the lipstick and liner together, as I personally don’t have a lot of liners so getting one with a lipstick is a bonus for me! Both the lipsticks and the liners glide on well and are very pigmented. I can sometimes find them quite tricky to apply however because of the shape of them (it’s a sort of teardrop shape which makes getting into the corners quite tricky after you’ve used them a few times). My favourite shade is Lusty Rose as I’m a fan of pink nudes so just instantly gravitated towards that colour. My least favourite shade is Flame Game as I’m not the biggest fan of orange lips. Because of the satin finish the lipstick and liner do transfer quite easily and it’s virtually impossible to get a neat looking liner after you’ve used them a few times as they wear down and loose their pointed shape. The liners do help to make my lips look a lot fuller however so I enjoy them for that. I did receive this as a gift however, so didn’t have to fork out the £25 that they cost, which may put some people off considering that each lipstick and liner duo only have 0.75g worth of product in it (although you are getting 4 lip liners as well as the lipsticks so it could balance out). Overall though, I do really like these products from Benefit and have been using them quite frequently, although matte lips are still my fave. I personally think they’re so expensive for how much product you get, but I guess it’s the brand you pay for and I would recommend them to people willing to pay the price for them!


Love Me Beauty – December 2016 – Review

Hi guys! Today I will be reviewing the December edition of the Love Me Beauty box! This is my first box in probably a year, as I got a one off box ages ago with a voucher but didn’t have the money to fork out every month! But for Christmas I managed to get a 3 month subscription, which I was so excited about! I do love the more expensive products, I can just never justify buying them for myself, so being able to try them out as a gift is amazing!!

First off, I love the bag! You can never have enough makeup bags can you? I managed to get my hands on four products: the EcoTools blending and bronzing brush, the Laura Mercier primer, Benefit’s Roller Lash and the BareMinerals Skinlongevity!

EcoTools Blending and Bronzing Brush

I’m not the biggest bronzer fan but I wanted to try one of the EcoTools brushes so picked up this one. The brush is semi-soft but can feel quite rough on the face when pressing down because of the tightly-packed hair fibres, which just makes my face feel SO itchy afterwards. I guess it would be good for bronzing but the brush is fairly big so you will need to be careful not to make your whole cheek bronzed up! So overall, I wouldn’t recommend this brush. I have others that are better and a lot cheaper, like my eBay rose gold brushes (see previous post).

 Laura Mercier Primer

Next up is the Laura Mercier primer (and don’t worry this one is positive)! I love this, it feels so smooth when applying and really helps to prime my face before I apply my foundation. I apply this to my cheeks, chin and forehead as I use the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser for my t-zone! It makes my skin feel silky smooth and really helps stick my makeup down but doesn’t feel sticky itself.

Benefit Roller Lash 

Benefit’s Roller Lash is next up, which I haven’t actually tried before. I use Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash all the time and love it, so I wanted to try the Roller Lash. Whatever I try and do, my eyelashes never curl up and just stick straight out (I hate it) but I’ve been using the Bad Gal Lash and Roller Lash together and they work like a dream in curling my lashes up! Definitely recommend.

 BareMinerals Skinlongevity 

Last up is the BareMinerals Skinlongevity, which is a facial serum that is meant to help fight the signs of ageing and promote a youthful appearance. I don’t think I’m at that age to really see results yet, but I wanted to try a facial serum as I’d never had one before. I apply it after I have cleansed and toned my face and it does actually revitalise my skin and make it feel really soft and smooth! I’m impressed with how its worked so far, and will definitely consider buying it when I’m a bit older to benefit from its full effects.

Overall, I’m extremely happy with this months bag and I’m seriously excited for January’s edition (Make Up For Ever yes please) which I will be posting very shortly!