Benefit -They’re Real! Big Sexy Lip Kit – Review

Hi guys! So today I will be reviewing Benefit’s Lip Kit Set, which I got as a birthday present! This set has four lip products in, which are combined together as a lipstick and a lip liner. Half of the product is the actual lipstick and the other half is the liner, so this is something that I’ve never seen or tried before. The lipsticks do have a satin finish and I have swatched them below.


Some of the colours do look quite similar on camera, but Lusty Rose is obviously a rosey-pink nude, Pink Thrills is a bolder pink with a darker liner, Revved-Up Red is more of a coral red and Flame Game is an orangey-red. Some of the liners do look a lot darker than the lip shade in the tube but when applying them they do blend together quite well and there isn’t too much of a difference overall. I do quite like the concept of the lipstick and liner together, as I personally don’t have a lot of liners so getting one with a lipstick is a bonus for me! Both the lipsticks and the liners glide on well and are very pigmented. I can sometimes find them quite tricky to apply however because of the shape of them (it’s a sort of teardrop shape which makes getting into the corners quite tricky after you’ve used them a few times). My favourite shade is Lusty Rose as I’m a fan of pink nudes so just instantly gravitated towards that colour. My least favourite shade is Flame Game as I’m not the biggest fan of orange lips. Because of the satin finish the lipstick and liner do transfer quite easily and it’s virtually impossible to get a neat looking liner after you’ve used them a few times as they wear down and loose their pointed shape. The liners do help to make my lips look a lot fuller however so I enjoy them for that. I did receive this as a gift however, so didn’t have to fork out the Β£25 that they cost, which may put some people off considering that each lipstick and liner duo only have 0.75g worth of product in it (although you are getting 4 lip liners as well as the lipsticks so it could balance out). Overall though, I do really like these products from Benefit and have been using them quite frequently, although matte lips are still my fave. I personally think they’re so expensive for how much product you get, but I guess it’s the brand you pay for and I would recommend them to people willing to pay the price for them!


Makeup Revolution Haul – My Sign & More

This is officially my first post and it’s going to be on the (fairly) new Makeup Revolution My Sign palettes. I was born on October 1st, making me a Libra, so obviously I picked up the eyeshadow palette and lipstick that were both for my sign. The palette itself is comprised of three eyeshadows, a highlighter, two eyebrow shades and a primer. I love pinky-tones on my eyes so instantly wanted to pick this palette up when I saw it online. I love the colours on the eyes (see swatches below) and don’t really mind that there isn’t any matte shadows as I LOVE shimmery eyes. The highlighter is gorgeous and works just as well as an inner corner highlight. I use brow pomade on my eyebrows normally, so didn’t really favour the brow powders, however they would work well as an eyeshadow if built up. The eye primer is also very good and makes the shadows look vibrant on the lid!

I’m not the biggest fan of lipgloss (long hair, British weather and lipgloss just don’t mix) but I wanted to pick it up anyway because of the whole ‘Libra’ theme. I love the rosey-red colour and, although I’m the worst at applying lip products (oops) I do think it looks nice on the lips. I also picked up one of the Makeup Revolution rose gold lipsticks, in the shade Chauffeur. It’s a glossy nude colour and I love the mauvey shade on my lips!

The first 6 swatches are the Libra palette. Lip colours: Libra then Chauffeur.

The lip palette by Makeup Revolution isn’t something I would pay for myself, as I prefer actual lipstick tubes, but I spent Β£10 in Superdrug so I got it for free! After swatching it however, I fell in love with it! The colours are so pigmented and I’m excited to ATTEMPT some ombre lips with the palette (attempt as I’ll probably fail badly).

Yeah, so overall I would definitely recommend the My Sign line, especially if you’re into star signs like myself. Makeup Revolution is probably my favourite makeup brand and the best if you’re on a budget, so I would highly recommend checking them out! They also offer free palettes very frequently on Superdrug when you spend a certain amount, so don’t miss out!